Alfred Ehrhardt, paintings in the crypt of the convent church in Lampspringe, Szenen aus dem Leben des Klostergründers Graf von der Winzenburg und des Märtyrers Oliver Plunket, 1926/27, destroyed during National Socialism Archive Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg

November 1928 - April 1929
Ehrhardt joins the Bauhaus in Dessau as a student and assistant teacher. He finishes Josef Albers' preliminary course, sits in with Oskar Schlemmer's theatre workshop and gives several talks to the circle around Kandinsky, who appreciates his works and is a friend of him.
When he takes up his teaching job at the country reformatory again, he transfers the concept of art education from the Bauhaus preliminary courses to the work with his pupils.

October 1930 - April 1933
Max Sauerlandt appoints Ehrhardt lecturer for the newly established "material studies" at the Landeskunstschule Hamburg. At the time Sauerlandt reformed teaching at his school according to the Bauhaus concept and instates Ehrhard as head of the first preliminary course outside the Bauhaus. Ehrhardt's organ concerts in the Reformed Church Ferdinandstrasse get much public attention.

The Kunstverein Hamburg organises a solo exhibition of his paintings, drawings and prints, which is to remain the only one in his lifetime.
Marries his student Marie Burchard, a descendant of the Warburg family.

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