Alfred Ehrhardt in his studio, around 1930/32

Ehrhardt accepts a job as an organist and choirmaster in Cuxhaven, but he quits the job after two years out of political reasons. At this time, he makes his first photographic excursions into the Wadden Sea between Scharhörn and Neuwerk. In the summer of 1934 he makes a photographic excursion to the Curonian Spit.

In May, his first exhibition of more than 100 photographs of the mud flats, organised by the Hamburger Kunstgewerbeverein, opens in the Haus am Zoo. In the following years the images, which are for sale, travel to several German cities and the state of Hamburg purchases a few photographs. Contribution to the exhibition Deutschland in Berlin.
In that summer, Ehrhardt gets to know his future wife Lieselotte Dannmeyer on the island Neuwerk.

In March his exhibition Wind und Sand opens in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg showing images of the Curonian Spit. This show, too, travels to other German cities. The first photo book Das Watt is published. The first film project in the Wadden Sea starts.

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