Alfred Ehrhardt on an Iceland pony Iceland 1938

1937 - 1944
In the following years his photographs are shown in London, Paris, Stockholm and Copenhagen. In addition to his exhibitions in Germany, he gives talks at slide shows. Until the war ends, thirteen photo books are published after the initial book and close to thirty articles, partly written by himself, with his photographs.

KdF-trip to Norway, in connection with an assignment to photograph nordic landscapes.
His first wife emigrates to Australia with their son.
Marries Lieselotte Dannmeyer. Excursion to Iceland together with his wife.

Premieres of his film on the Wadden Sea Urkräfte am Werk in the Waterloo-Theater Hamburg.

Ehrhardt travels in Flanders, where he takes photographs for the book Ewiges Flandern and shoots the two films Leinen aus Kortrijk and Flanderns germanisches Gesicht.

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