Alfred Ehrhardt during the filming of Flanderns germanisches Gesicht Antwerp 1940

On an assignment of the Deutsche Kulturfilmzentrale Ehrhardt goes to Bohemia and Moravia to take pictures, which will not be published. Initially, a film on German culture in Bohemia and Moravia was planned, but it is never to be finished. He completes the Tobis-Kulturfilm on Iceland Nordische Urwelten.

1942 - 1947
Ehrhardt escapes his call-up apparently only because of an inexplicable mistake. A few weeks after his son Jens is born, the house in Hamburg is bombed. The Hamburg collector Des Arts stored the paintings, so that they survive the war. Most of the vintage prints and negatives are not destroyed. Georg Hartmann, owner of the Bauersche foundry in Frankfurt/Main, generously offers him to use Hartmann's mansion in Burgjoß in the Spessart. The Ehrhardt family lives there until the house in Hamburg is restored in 1947. Hartmann hires Ehrhardt to photograph his collection (Alte Kunst, lebendig and Gotische Gesichter).

Before its destruction, Ehrhardt takes photos of the medieval Frankfurt for the photo book Alt-Frankfurt, which is published after the war in 1950.

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