Alfred Ehrhardt shooting from the roof of a car Portugal 1950s

Founds his own film production company "Alfred-Ehrhardt-Film". His two-part film Ernst Barlach (first part: Der Kämpfer) is shown at the XI. Biennale in Venice. It was promoted by the British occupying power and although German films are still viewed with great reserve abroad, it becomes a big success and wins the first prize.

1948 - 1974
Production of nearly sixty cultural and documentary films, which receive numerous national and international awards, among them four Bundesfilmpreise (German national film awards).
In addition to his main occupation of producing films, he always photographs and consequently publishes two more photo books. He is not able to carry out his plan to publish a book of the photographs taken in Bohemia and Moravia during the war. A considerable body of photographs of Tilman Riemenschneider also remains unpublished.

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