Alfred Ehrhardt House in Triptis





The house where Alfred Ehrhardt was born in the Thuringian town of Triptis near Gera has been reconstructed since early 2007. The building was purchased by Ehrhardt's son, Dr. Jens Ehrhardt, in order to establish a site commemorating his father's artistic achievements.
Built around 1800, the house was close to demolition after standing empty for a long period of time. It was necessary to gut the interior and go through a complicated procedure of raising the ceilings in order to create a nice apartment on the first floor and the commemorative site on the ground floor. By lowering the floors on the ground floor and removing several walls it was possible to create a 30 sq m room as an exhibition area.
Historic preservation was taken into consideration. The owner is also interested in helping to improve the appearance of the town by respecting its conservation aims and beautification efforts. The firm "Villamarketing", a company specialized in the renovations of buildings under historic preservation, has been entrusted with the reconstruction.
The opening of the Alfred Ehrhardt House was scheduled to open May 17th, 2008, with an exhibition dedicated to the artist's life and work.

Alfred Ehrhardt Haus
Strobelplatz 2
07819 Triptis

Opening Hours: Sun 2-5 pm (closed on public holidays)

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