New Look onto Coast of the Northsea. Photos from 1920/30 by Alfred Ehrhardt and Arvid Gutschow

Sylter Heimatmuseum, Keitum/Sylt

Opening: Friday, November 11, 2016, 7.30 pm
Introduction: Stefanie Odenthal (Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung)

The Sylter Heimatmuseum starts to show from November 12th 2016 over 50 incredible photographs of the autodidacts Arvid Gutschow (1900-1984) and Alfred Ehrhardt (1901-1984). In black and white photos the exhibition presents Gutschow and Ehrhardt with their view of the simplicitiy and beauty of the coastal landscape . It was their intention to let us feel and see particulary the structure and formation of nature. Like bright reflections of the the ocean or the constant wind forming the beaches and sanddunes.

The predominantly abstract pictures of sand and waterformation do show Gutschow's view. His clear sight and structured look in the compositions had a leading influence on Ehrhardt, who started to take photos in 1930. 1933-1936 Ehrhardt worked at the sight of the Waddensea near Cuxhaven also at the Courland Bay Bar. Most of the work by Gutschow started on the island of Sylt in 1928. With his Sylter photos he had a leading influence of landscape photopraphy. As an outstanding photo artist of his time, Gutschow was the role model and the best example for Ehrhardt.

In fascinating ways the photographers take the viewer and visitors on a journey,  a documentary with its fantastic visual experience – the look at a unique ocean and dune landscape.

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