On Disappearance and Appearance— The Ephemeral in Photography

Curated by Dr. Marie Christine Jádi

June 30 - September 9, 2018

Opening: Friday, June 29, 2018, 7-9 pm

Group show with Nicole Ahland, Ellen Auerbach, Alfred Ehrhardt, Scott B. Davis, Bill Jacobson, Adam Jeppesen, Sandra Kantanen, Isa Marcelli, César Martins, László Moholy-Nagy, Marianne Ostermann, Rita Ostrowskaja, Helena Petersen, Ida Pimenoff, Jorma Puranen, Pentti Sammallahti, Andrea Sunder-Plassmann, Donata Wenders, Francesca Woodman

The group exhibition brings together photographic works on the theme of the ephemeral, momentary appearances and disappearances, and the fragile and transcendent. Common to all of them is a dissolution of their motifs—created by the use of soft focus, long-term exposures, and multiple exposures—which recede into the background to allow a certain pervasive mood to come to the fore. The photographs do not point to anything beyond themselves, even if we are able to recognize the forms of people, places, landscapes, or objects. What is shown manifests itself in the moment of disappearing. In many of the images this effect is fostered by mist or fog, which evokes a pervasive atmosphere and thus triggers an emotional approach to the image. The photographs confront the viewer, and in their ability to suggest presence, they give rise to an event or moment of feeling that viewers experience in their own imaginations and worlds of feeling.

The exhibition views the phenomenon of the ephemeral in contemporary photography through the works of a selected group of artists, whose photographs operate on the outer edge of the visible. The show includes images of nature, landscapes, interiors, and also portraits, with examples of various photographic techniques, such as the photogram, photogravure, and platinum print.

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